Light of Our Soul offers Classical Yoga center for Yoga and Meditation, helping each other along a path. There are many paths, and it is through our mindfulness, our breath, and our practice, that we are better able to move deeper within, towards finding our own sense of balance, health, and well-being. From this space, we are able to move forward towards helping each other, within our families, our community, our Sangha, our world. We are not separate. 


Alexandra opened Classical Yoga center of Yoga and Meditation in the fall of 2014. The center has grown tremendously. Practitioners of all levels come and practice and share their energy with one another. We have become a Sangha, a community, and this beautiful Shakti, energy, is felt by all. It is with much love and gratitude that Alexandra feels to be apart of this space, this Sangha.


Alexandra's certifications and studies include Hatha, Vinyasa, Prana, Restorative and Adaptive Yoga. Meditation, spirituality, anatomy, Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic wellness are other areas. She continues her studies so that she may be able to assist others along their paths. 


In devotion, peace and blessings, Aum Shanti Shanti